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You can find the SZEMESI VILLA in Balatonszemes, 50 meters fom the beach. There are are confectionery, grocery, cafe, restaurant, boutique, cinema, water park close to us.

The house which was built in the '1920s is totally renewed and in the fist floor the 5 separately (2,3,4 bed) rooms (apartments) are furnished with wood furnitures.
The 2 room apartment includes a glass house (with billiard), a garden-house and garden. We built an intresting (cabin)bed for the children in the 7th apartment in the neighbour.


About the rooms:

1st room: 2 beds (11 m2 with refrigerator and TV), with hall, bathroom (with sitting tub) and rest room in the corridor.

2nd room: 4 beds (18 m2 with refrigerator, TV+satellite, air conditioner and plus-bed: an armchair which is convertable to bed (if it's needed)) with hall, bathroom (with shower cabin).

3rd room: 3 beds (15 m2 with refrigerator, digi tv, air conditioner, plus-bed) with hall, bathroom (with shower cabin) and a medium balcony.

4th room: 3 beds (18 m2 with refrigerator, TV+satellite+DVD player, air conditioner and plus-bed) with hall, bathroom (with shower cabin) and a small balcony

5th room: 2 beds (14 m2 with refrigerator, TV+satellite, plus-bed) with bathroom (withe shower cabin) and a large balcony with street view.

6th apartment in the ground floor: 4 beds in 2 rooms (60 m2, refrigerator, TV+satellite, 2 air conditioner, 2 plus-bed) bathroom (with a big corner-tub), glass huose, equipped mini kitchen with sink,
microwave oven, electric hot plate, tea and coffee maker, pots, dishes, refrigerator, etc..., (The garden house includes a dining table)

7th flat: 3 beds (40 m2, refrigerator, digi tv, air conditioner, plus-bed (110cm wide) with hall, bathroom (with shower cabin), kithcen equipped with cooker, sink, refrigerator, pots and dishes, etc...,
and a terrace with dining table.

The common kitchen on the grond floor is euqipped with cooker, sink, coffee machine, microwave owen, large refrigerator an the essential tools. There is availability for cooking.
In the balconys an terraces are dining tables and there is another in the garden for the guests. The roof-fitted table (6 pers.) is available for dining too.

We can offer baby-tub and baby-bed if it's needed. We can lend both male and female bicycles for the guests!

There are free Wifi network for the guests in the 1,2,3,4,5,6 rooms

SZEMESI VILLA, H-8636, Balatonszemes, Ady Endre str. 11. 
BX'91 Kft and Gyula Berecz